I still have this.

Yep, I still have a LJ account.. and who knows.. I may even start actively using it again. However for I will just make a post that This is still my page.

Be well!

Time Management

Time Management has never been my friend. I tend to get things done by doing them at the soonest opertunity from when i realized they need done. Otherwise i generally forget alltogether that i even wanted to do something.

With that being said. I still have an interested in my LJ account, just no time, focus or energy to put into it at the moment. work is taking up WAY too much of much of that. I've also decided that this year i will be putting a LOT of effort into finishing some hopefully sellable designs for my Shapeways account, and getting a personal webpage started for all of my design and artistic work. The year of the Dragon is supposed to be about success right? Does that include those of us born in the year of the Horse?

So, hopefully i shall get some awesome things done this year. We shall see. :D

What do you remember???

If you read this, even if we don't speak often, post a comment with a memory of you and I. It can be anything you want! When you're finished, post this paragraph on your own status and you'll be surprised at what people remember about you..

Crown of Success Oil for Sale.

I have made 5 vials of "Crown of Success Oil" who wants to buy some? only $15 each.. Made with quality Essential Oils, it's an ancient recipe to give you success! The Oils are Frankincense, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Bay Laurel, in a base of Jojoba.

I have also done rituals and prayers to bring success to the user.

Expanded Sensory Training....

So, I have come up with an idea... Teaching people how to expand their sensory awareness. How to See more, how to feel more, smell more, etc.

So far, i am thinking starting with Touch... using Psychometry training as a start.. Touch color sensitivity, Looking into Braille, temperature sensitivity, and the like...

Then look at Sight. enhancing peripheral vision, color memory, movement sensitivity...

Hearing, high and low pitched sounds, sound location, multiple sounds like fallowing multiple conversations at once... Looking into tonal comprehension would be a good way to go as well..

For Smell and Taste, would be very close and similar.. exploring the breakdown of different scents and tastes.

The question now is... how do i write excersises for these tasks... some of them i already have an idea for.. since i have done them my self.. but others like Smell and Taste.. no idea....
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So.. i woke up latter than i wanted to today... I just haven't been sleeping well... And right now, i am trying to fight for emotional balance. I really need to find a new job. I am also thinking of filing for bankruptcy just so i can put all of my Student Loans into one place and try and get a fresh start on things. I am just wishy washy right now... annoying... grrrr