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Ray's badly writen Blog

Rantings of a Runester

16 July 1978
Greetings to everyone out there in LJ land! So you are interested about me hmmm? well.. lets see, I am a Gay pagan guy, A Jewelry Artist, and single... I have a lot of interests... The world is LARGE and there is a lot of knowledge in it. It's time to Explore and wonder! Want to know more? Then read my LJ, or contact me!
aesir, alchemy, alfar, altered states, alternative lifestyles, ancient history, ancient religions, aromatherapy, art, asatru, asgaard, beads, being a geek, being a slut, blacksmithing, blades, blot, blunt sexual attraction, catching the gay, chocolate, columbus, crafts, craftsmanship, creativity, cryptography, cryptology, dancing, dragons, eddas, elves, empathy, energy, enlightenment, family, fire, folk magick, folklore, freja, freyr, futhark, gargoyles, gay, gay males, gay men, gay sex, geek rock, geekdom, geeks, german, germany, gnostica, go, godhi, great ash kindred, grokking, guys, heathen, heathenism, herbalism, homoerotica, iceland, individualism, jewelry, kindred, kissing, kissing lots of people, learning new skills, leatherworking, libraries, magick, mead, meditation, men, minority rights, mysticism, mythology, natural healing, nerds, nerds are fucking hot, networking, norse, norse gods and goddesses, norse history, norse mythology, norse religion, occult, odin, old books, old norse, pagan, paganism, paranormal, philosophy, photography, piercings, pirates, poetic edda, polyamory, porn, prayer, prose edda, queer, ragnarok, reading a lot, reconstructionalist religions, redheads, reincarnation, religion, religions of the world, religious studies, ritual, ritual tools, role playing games, rpgs, rune, runelore, runes, scandinavian studies, sci-fi, sculpture, sex, shamanism, shapeshifting, smithcraft, spirituality, swords, tantric sex, tattoos, totems, transhumanism, troth, vanir, vegetarianism, vikings, vitkar, white wolf, world tree, yggdrasil, zendo